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The Shofar
Understanding the Shofar By Elisabeth Syrè

The shofar is not a man-made instrument.
God created and originated it.

72 times the shofar is mentioned in the Bible.
A shofar is a rams horn, blown at convocations and special occasions.
Horn in Hebrew is "qeren"(keh-ren) a Hebrew symbol of strength, power and victory.

It is made either of the horn of an antelope or kudu. (Yemenites use kudu).
A horn of a cow or oxen is never used because of the worship of the golden calf.
Cleaning the shofar: you need to take the flesh out (use gravel and shake).
(sand and salt or bicarb.) We need to take our flesh out to be used by the Spirit.
Clean it out with bleach. Take the smell out with borax. We need to be clean to receive the Spirit so we are a sweet-smelling savour. Heat and pressure to shape.

Psalm 47:5 declares that the Lord has gone up with the shout of the trumpet.
In Ps 47:1 we find the Hebrew word "taqa" referring to clapping, shouting or blowing a shofar. This was for all nations. It is a sound of triumph Indicating enthusiasm and energy.
In Joshua 6:1-20
The shofar or the blowing there-of is mentioned at least 14 times.
This is the story of the walls of Jericho coming down. Concealed to be revealed.
Our walls have to come down too. Satan hates the sound of the shofar.In Jewish thinking the blowing of the shofar has something to do with the offering of Isaac on Mt. Moriah where the Lord provided a ram.
At Rosh Hashanah the shofar is blown 100 times (Jewish New Year).
It symbolizes mercy, freedom, liberty. to announce God’s victory over the world.
It is blown on Shabbat, Yom Kippur (Day of atonement and repentance).
Chanukkah (Feast of the Light), at Succoth (Feast of Tabernacles) and Shavuot (the Feast of the harvest or Pentecost) and Pesach (Easter) the Feast of the Lamb and at Purim (the Feast of Queen Esther) . The shofar is blown on all major occasions.

The blowing signifies:

1. Proclamation (Announcement) Jeremiah 4:5-7 2. To assemble God’s people together. At Shabbat or Yom Kippur people assembled on the sound of the shofar. Leviticus 25:9-10 to announce the Year of Jubilee etc. 3. To announce the rule of a new king: or the coming of the Lord! 1 Kings 1:34 and Ps 47:5 4. Used in warfare to confuse the enemy (Joshua 6:1-20). Nehemiah 4:20 "Whenever you hear the shofar, assemble for our G-d will fight for us." 5. It is a call to repentance to the nations. Isaiah 58: "Lift up your voice like a trumpet, tell the people their transgressions." 6. To proclaim God’s praises and victory. Ps. 98:6 and Ps. 150:3 7. To bring fear to the enemy (Judges 7:8-19,20). God’s people had the shofar in one hand and torches in the other (16) and put fright into the enemy without a weapon. The shofar became a sword. It is to put fear and confusion in Satan’s camp. 8. Instrument of worship to bring glory to God Ps. 149:6 (2 shofars used) 9. It is used as a call for mercy and forgiveness to heal the land. 10. To open up the heavens. Rev. 4:1 On Yom Kippur the shofar is only blown once. In Joel 2:1 it is announcing the Judgment and the Day of the Lord. "Blow the trumpet in Zion, and sound an alarm in My holy mountain!" There are four sounds of the shofar and they are all different.

The Sounds of the Shofar: Sound 1

Called "tekiya" in Hebrew. It is a long single blast. (_-----------). It means praise to the Creator. Has to do with the coming of the King.
Joy and victory. Sound 2

Has short rapid broken sounds. (- - - - - - - - - _-----_ ------ - - - -). This is called teruah in Hebrew. It is crying, weeping for mercy Victory in war defeat over the enemy. It means mourning over sin, repenting from wicked ways. For G-d to have mercy on sinners mercy = "chesed" in Hebrew. At Yom Kippur and Rosh Hashana tekiya and teruha is used together. Sound 3

Is called "shebarim" in Hebrew. It means "broken" a need for victory in war. This has a short and a long blast. ( __----------- __---------- - - - - - - -). The Shebarim and teruah sounds together are heard to open the heavens. Sound 4

Tekiya Gedola which means "the great blast"
Exodus 19:19 .. this is a very long blast:(--------------------------------------)
This one is so strong that God is directly answering it. This one will be heard as a sound of authority in Exodus 19:13 and on the day of Redemption See 1 Thessalonians. 4:16, 13, 17. With this trumpet-blow the dead in Christ will rise and we who are alive will go up with them in the clouds to meet Jesus. Acts 1:9-11. 1 Cor.15:52 speaks about the last shofar blow or trumpet blow where we shall be changed. This blast is called in Hebrew "the divine withdrawal" it is the longest breath.
John on the Isle of Patmos heard the shofar or trumpet sound of the Lord. In Revelations 1:10 and Rev. 4:1. With this shofar or trumpet blow the 7th seal in Revelation 8 will be opened. And the prayers of the saints will come like incense before the Lord. Hallelujah!! Blow the trumpet in Zion and proclaim the year of liberty!!!!! (-------------------------------------------------------------------------) Obedience To The Shofar!
Sound The Trumpet! Lastly there is another blast:
The Tekiya Adolam. It is the last sound of the shofar in all sequences. Today the Lord Is Blowing the Shofar Again! This is a call to the nations to bring the rams-horn to the mouth and to be obedient to listen to the sound of the trumpet. Today the Lord is calling you:
Blow the shofar, be a step ahead of the enemy!!

Why Do we Blow the Shofar????
1. To Set The Captives Free. Exodus 20:18.

Blow this over your land, country, home, church over the nation of Israel till all the captives are released!!! To break the chains of Satan. To confuse the enemy and to open the heavens. Blow it everywhere the devil has a stronghold and get rid of enemy-tactics. Joel 2:1 As we blow the inhabitants of the land tremble and the demons tremble too. It is supernatural strength released through an action of faith. Exodus 19:10-17. 2. To Proclaim Our Obedience To God's Victory.

It says here let the people get ready, washed up cleaned up. We need to be cleansed by the Blood of Jesus
- you need to be saved!
- God blew the trumpet very loud so every-one trembled
- a very long blast 3. To Get Ready For The Bridegroom.

Ex. 19:11, 17-20
The sound gets louder and louder - no sound-system needed. Moses went up!! This is the call to the King’s chamber. Get rid of all fleshly things.. God’s shofar gets louder and louder. 4. As We Listen To The Shofar, Transformation Takes Place!

We will change.. at the last sound we will be gone (1 Cor. 15:55). There will be healing, freedom and peace. The shofar becomes like a sword. Against the enemy. Judges 7:22. It is like an altar-call for the congregation. The First Shofar Was Blown At Rosh Hashana (New Year)

It was blown from Dan to Beersheba.
It signified a new time coming. A new year, a new hope, a new leaf.
It symbolizes a new time coming for the church. A day of new beginnings!
It means that we take back what the devil had stolen.
See Leviticus 25:8-14
7x7 years: The shofar of Jubilee!! It involves ALL the land, you and me.
Church defiled? Take back holiness. Curses? Take back the blessings.
Barrenness? Take back the revival, take health. Year of Jubilee.

It Is restoration!!!

God is going to restore nations, people, churches, governments etc.

He is shaking the USA. This is not a time to preach gloom and doom. We need restoration. Claim it back! The devil cannot have it! Blow the shofar! Joshua 6: 1-6.
Jericho was strongly shut up.
Yes, in the midst of your greatest trouble and things are tightly shut closed.
Shout! Watch the sound of the trumpet! Watch the angels come down and blow away all the walls. The battle is the Lord’s!
Seven times around the problem and then the shofar sound!
Start blowing the shofar over things you never had victory over before. Gideon in Judges 7:16-21
He had thousands of men. God only wanted 300 men.
With a shofar in the right hand and a lamp in the left hand.. no weapons!
God is using strategic warfare in these end times! Do not despise the small amount of people following the simple instructions of the Spirit.
God has a special secret intelligence force through His army. Why?
God does big things with little people!!!!!He is healing the Land.
There is Victory only by Gods help! :22 Shofar blown in the Land.
This caused confusion in the enemy camp so they fought each other.
There is victory! Blow the shofar!


Israel's enemies are not people!! Your enemies are not people!
It is demon spirits. When the nations get born again they are best friends.
We are fighting a common enemy: demonic spirits to destroy Israel and the believers!
The shofar calls the Jews home.

The Shofar Calls Us Closer To Jesus:

The great shofar called the SHOFAR GADOL calls us to be close to the Lord
Isaiah 27:13 to follow His Voice.
It says here that people will come from Israel and as far as Syria, Egypt and other countries to worship the God of Israel. where? On the Temple mount! They are going to worship the King of Kings and the Lord of Lords on the Holy Mountain in Jerusalem. They are going to see Jesus High and lifted up.
No more restrictions for Christians and Jews to go to the Temple mount as it is today. We will all go up to glorify Jesus! We will hear the Shofar-Gadol.
No mafia, no prostitute, no terrorist will stop us. Just need to be washed by the Blood of the Lamb to enter into the Holy Place to worship Hashem.
The silent shofar speaks to the Jews to go home. God can only deal with them in their own land given to Abraham, Isaac and Jacob in Ps. 105:9-12 thousands of years ago. John in the Spirit saw an open heaven in Rev. 4:1 and he heard the sound of a shofar. He saw what will happen in the end times.The shofar lifts us above the earth like Moses in Ex, 19:20 where he received the 10 commandments a betrothal to the King - a ketubah experience; this was the first shofar; then in Acts 2:1 the second shofar of the blowing of wind at Shavuot caused a revival of the Holy Spirit. In the Upper Room. Paul says 1. Cor. 15:51-58.
That we shall be changed at the sound of the last trumpet.
The last wedding feast of the Lamb the Lord shall come back with the sound of the trumpet. Matthew. 24:30-31
He will come back with the sound of the shofar He will send His angels and gather His people from every nation tongue and tribe who follow Him, who hear Him and who have acknowledged Jesus as Saviour and Lord. It is you and me!!
This will be at Yom Kippur, the day of atonement.
Let us get ready for the great Shofar Gadol.
Listen carefully! There is a sound in the heavens - are you prepared?